My wife and two kids attend Riddlers Gym on a regular basis with them both doing the Muaythai and Strength and Conditioning classes.

I really was just an observer, as having bad knees due to sporting injuries, I never thought it would have been possible for me to participate. How wrong was I!

They were having a boot camp course for 4 weeks and having a chat with Caley about what it entailed, I decided to give it a go, knowing I could have alternative exercises if needed. I even got my wife along to the boot camp.

After successfully completing it, I have now signed up for regular classes. End result - I am already in better shape both mentally and physically. The trainers are super friendly but there to push and get the best out of you. I actually now look forward to my sessions now!

The energy is always positive, the workouts are designed to increase your fitness and strength - my results speak for themselves. They all genuinely care about my goals which makes it a great gym community - its the perfect combination to keep me motivated!!


7 weeks ago, Max couldn't do a burpee in a 3 minute test - so we opted for pushups. It took him 2min44 to run our block. 2.03 to row 500 metres. And his mobility and movement, we could say, was a little on the stiff side.

After some serious discipline, hard training and determination we now have a different Max. 3 weeks ago, he belted out 38 burpees in 3 minutes. Knocked off 20seconds on his run. And 5 seconds off his row.

Today, his face is a familiar one in our classes, keeping up his training regularly, he is fitter, he is healthier and he moves ten times better.

Be like Max.

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