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BJJ is a form of Judo that focuses on submissions and take-downs. Originating in Brazil the Gracie Brothers adapted the art of Judo, and developed a system that focused more on ground fighting as opposed to Judo which emphasises on throwing techniques, due to this it is sometimes referred to as ‘Gracie Jiu Jitsu’. BJJ’s different rules set and point scoring mechanisms are designed to give BJJ an arguably more practical emphasis by rewarding positions of control from which the grappler could strike their opponent in a real altercation. BJJ is the main tool that gives a fighter his ‘ground game’ in an MMA fight, a majority of MMA fights are won by submissions such as arm bars, rear naked chokes and guillotines which are all part of BJJ. Because of tournaments like the UFC and Invicta, BJJ is becoming an extremely popular sport. See our timetable or contact us today for more info.

Join us for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with Riddlers instructor Luke Ainsworth on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6.30pm. Our Kids BJJ class is held on Saturday morning at 8am. Luke holds a 3rd degree Black Belt and has over 13 years experience in submission wrestling.

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