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“Balancing being a fighter, trainer and full-time Dad isn’t easy but I make it work as best as I can”. Barrie

There’s really not that much this man cannot do!! Barrie has been with us for nine years now and has transcended into his full-time role at Riddlers Gym seamlessly, truly embodying our “Muaythai is life” motto. Barrie began his journey into Muaythai in his hometown of Belfast, Ireland under Billy Murray a former four-time World Champion Kickboxer in 2006. Barrie trained under Billy for two years and in that time racked up eleven amateur kickboxing around Ireland, UK and Europe.

Fast forward to 2012 and Barrie had made his big move to Riddlers Gym. After moving to Australia in 2009 and settling in to his trade as a plasterer Barrie had begun training again, trying out Muaythai classes at an MMA gym nearby. Barrie wanted a gym where Muaythai was the focus and he found his home at Riddlers. “I loved the environment and the positive energy”. Barrie

After a few fights and a few years of guidance and coaching from Darren Barrie was offered a part time role in teaching some of the Muaythai classes and leaped at the opportunity. Chris ‘Tiger’ White one of Darren’s full-time trainers and right-hand men was at the time making a move to the eastern states and in doing so left a vacant full-time position to which Barrie eagerly took up.

“I gave up my trade as a plasterer and made the transition to full-time trainer, I get to do what I love everyday for a living and also continually improve on my skillset in fighting”. Barrie

Barrie has now had 40 fights in total, won two WBC State Titles, one MASA Australian title (won on the east coast), and a Futures Muaythai (promotional) belt won against a very skilled and highly ranked Thai fighter, Dechsak Sangmorakot.

Finding a balance between work, family and Muaythai is not an easy feat for any fighter but Barrie manages to do so by being consistent in his training regime and prioritising his time in the best way possible. He fits in his cardio and strength work during the daytime and in between his PT sessions then at night time, after teaching classes, joins in with the fighters training for his pad work, sparring and clinch.

“I have a 14-month-old daughter Lily, and we have another baby on the way soon, so fitting in family time is very important. Any time I spend with them I take full advantage of”. Barrie


Barrie takes on one of Australia’s finest 65kg Muaythai fighters; Roy ‘The Rebel’ Wills for his retirement fight on April 24th at Domination. This fight is one that the Muaythai community has a sharp eye on. Both fighters have an impeccable skillset and relentless demeanour once they step onto the canvas.

“I am very excited to be facing Roy Wills in his retirement fight. It's a massive honour to get to be his last as he is a legend in Australian Muaythai. We know each other very well now as we have fought twice before. He will of course be looking to finish his career on a high and for me, a win against him would be huge for my career. Will definitely be a good, hard fight!” Barrie

Barrie has become a household name amongst the Riddlers and Muaythai community. A well decorated fighter, he is always eager to share his knowledge, expertise and way of life with great positivity and integrity. We look forward to sharing his journey in Muaythai and will definitely be seeing you ringside at Domination!

Sim Sehmi

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