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Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us.”

-Dr. Brené Brown

I used to go to my local gym regularly and have realised that working out by myself can simply turn out quite monotonous and isolating. To add to that, when I feel the need to push myself to workout harder or feel a slight tinge pain, I immediately tap out. While I appreciate having my own playlist blasting through my headphones which consisted of RnB’s golden era (90’s-2000’s), I have always felt a yearning for social interaction, motivation and that extra bit of boost.

My love of Mixed Martial Arts has led me to participate in a Muay Thai Beginners Class held at my university. Every Tuesday for five weeks my friends and I participated eagerly and instantly fell in love with the discipline. My natural curiosity has led me to Riddlers gym, where my instructor works full-time. At a glance, seeing people work hard, pushing themselves, sweating profusely, witnessing how the instructors encourage them - was daunting to be honest. But I knew this is exactly what I have been yearning for. I want to work hard, be fit, acquire a new skill and be mentally robust.

Fourteen months later, my love for Mixed Martial Arts remains unchanged. I’ve upskilled and moved to Intermediate Muay Thai after four months of hard back-to-back sessions. I’ve recently commenced BJJ to improve my ground game. Currently I’m partaking in Strength and Condition where the instructors, Cales and Daz give you the inspiration in achieving your goals by putting 110% in everything you do and believing in yourself (a philosophy I’ve incorporated in my daily life).

The owners, instructors, and fighters have fostered an environment that’s conducive to learning the art of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and keeping fit. The gym also cultivates personal growth and is family-oriented. Furthermore, the friends that I have made in this gym will be guaranteed to last me a lifetime. This is my second home. This is family. This is belonging. This is Riddlers.


Ed is the kind of person you want around. His attitude towards everything is so positive regardless of the time, the workout, the day, the amount of kicks he has to do or whether its summer or winter. Where there is Ed, there is happiness. And where there is Ed there is laughter. Ed has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable and that is what we love - a place where people can not only train, but they feel comfortable doing so. Not only that, he has the dance moves that everyone is jealous over, he's so quick and light on his feet and his training partner makes awesome cakes (thanks Phing).

We love Ed!

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