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I first started training at Riddlers Gym back in 2015 after doing some MMA and really enjoying the stand up Muaythai side of the sport but I only trained for a short while and on a casual basis. After a long break and dabbling with some boxing and regular gym activities I struggled to find something that really motivated me. I always followed the Riddlers Facebook page and sitting down one night with my wife, we said why don’t I get back into Muaythai?

I was at my heaviest weight at this stage and with a baby girl on the way, I wanted to be a good role model for her and knew I had to get back into some form of exercise that really challenged me and something that I enjoyed and would stick with. My first session back at Riddlers, I instantly knew I had found what I was looking for with the the constant variety of session focuses. You are never doing the same session twice which is super motivating and challenging. I started off training 2-3 times a week and I struggled at first, it really is a workout like no other, using your whole body and having to push yourself the whole way because the fitter you get the harder and faster you train !! After seeing a drastic improvement in my fitness and achieving some weight loss goals, it was safe to say, I was addicted!! I increased my membership to unlimited and really ramped up my training regime, I couldn’t wait to get back after finishing a fun and grueling session. This really says something about the trainers at Riddlers, as they are super motivating and you get a sense of family as soon as you walk through the front doors. It’s also nice to be able to chat about great food and coffee spots before getting down to business and sweating it out in another challenging session!!!

I have started incorporating some HIIT classes and strength and conditioning into my workout and stepped up to intermediate Muay Thai. I am absolutely loving it coming to about 10 sessions a week! I cant speak highly enough of all the trainers at Riddlers as they really push and get the best out of you.

I have currently dropped 17kg and now set to run my first Half Marathon. Riddlers has impacted my life massively both physically and mentally as I am in the best shape of my life and have a clear and stress free mind every time after training without fail !! All in all I have met some truly fantastic like mined people along my journey with Riddlers and look forward to many years of training to come ! I honestly can’t thank you all enough and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to reap some amazing mental and physical benefits.


What we love about Andy, is that when he came to Riddlers Gym with a goal, he put his head down, his bum up and did everything in his power to achieve it. That speaks a lot of someones character. At first, he struggled, like anyone that hasn't trained in some time, would. At this point, it can be easier to stay home, but Andy nutted out every session with as much heart and tenacity as he could, and today, he is living proof, that it can be done and is now "one of those" that everyone tries to keep up with!

Being a great role as a parent is so important for our next generation. We want a world full of healthy, positive and happy people so we are over the moon that we can contribute to Andys life this way!

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