• Jessica Griffiths

Epic 18 - GRIT

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

FULL FIGHT CARD (not in order) MAIN EVENT Lloyd Dean vs Roy Wills

Barrie Oliver vs Ramesh Habib (Fighters Xpress) George Mann vs Palungchok (PTJ) Alicia Pestana vs Whitney Tobin (PTJ) Tyler Hardcastle vs Damon Nelson WMC Title Jordan Godfredtson vs Dommie Kelly Jesse Woodhouse vs Ryan Black Steph Glew vs TBA Ben Cant vs Teerawat Hoysung Maddie Duiker vs Bec Rooney Kerrianne McKay vs Mandy Hopper Amanda Thomson vs Pippa King Ben Osborne vs Moe Zee Megan Berberick vs Thalia Matene Chris Tinkler vs Tom Funke William Ross vs Jason Walker Paris Rose vs Angela Lungitano Beau Scarlett vs Jeff Bright . For sponsorship information, please contact 0415 122 856. This event is LIVE streamed.

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