I started at Riddlers Gym at the end of July 2017. I started once a week on a Tuesday morning - Muay Thai with my dad to get back into shape after quitting competitive swimming. The first morning was hard, I did more pushups than I did in the last year, but the trainer did not force me to do any exercise I wasn't comfortable doing. I was quite overweight and very unfit. I kept going for about a month only once a week in the morning, then I wanted more. I was obsessed. I would catch the bus to the gym every day after school, noticing how fit I was getting and that the walk to the bus stop didn’t feel as long as it did the first few times. I could do more burpees in a row then ever before and had lost around 3kg already from Muay Thai alone. I then started S&C and it was hard, but awesome at the same time. The enthusiastic energy Caley and Darren bought to the program really motivated me and was an environment I really felt comfortable in. Having started S&C in December 2017, I have lost 8kg. I recently did a 100kg deadlift PB and I feel as though I’m getting stronger and stronger, still doing a good mixture of Muay Thai and S&C, as well as netball which I have noticed an improvement in my fitness on the court. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but I know I’ve found the place where it will happen. Riddlers gym has helped me a lot to ensure i don’t go down the unfit, overweight path I was heading down. Being surrounded by such accomplished, fit and genuine people has really helped as well. I can’t wait to continue training hard and getting results.


Zoe is the type of person anyone can draw inspiration from. Coming in to the gym overweight, she has set herself some goals and importantly kept consistent and accountable for them. Um, did we mention she is only 15 years old. AND, comes to our classes at 6am BEFORE she goes to school and then again at night, AFTER she has been to school and before she goes home to study? Ladies and gentlemen, if that's not what you call drive, I don't know what is.

The fact that she is so young and loves training and not sitting at home on her phone is what we love. We also love that she doesn't know who Prodigy is. Or a fax machine. Or a cassette tape. But she knows how to keep healthy.

Be like Zoe.

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