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At commencement of class, one of our trainers will cover the stance, guard, basic punches, kicks and how to hold the pads so that you have an understanding on performing the techniques when you are ready to start.


Your First class is ONLY $10!!!!

You don't have to be fit to start because the beginners class is designed to ease you into the training. The emphasis is on teaching you the correct, basic techniques that everyone can master while building your fitness at a steady rate. You are encouraged to push yourself as your fitness improves.

Every class is different but each one will involve skipping and warm-up, stretching and strengthening, technique work and pad work using boxing focus pads and the kick shield for a great cardio workout.

You don’t need a partner to come and train with and there is no sparring or heavy contact in the beginners class. You are learning and practising the techniques in a safe environment while getting a great workout.

All you need is a drink bottle and some comfortable clothes for training in.


For those that have been training and are comfortable with the techniques and holding pads but want to learn more advanced techniques, this is the class for you. The class is fitness based incorporating the use of all pads (focus mitts, kick shield and thai pads). There is no contact unless you feel comfortable in joining in with the sparring session at the end of the class. Darren and the instructors have a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your technique, fitness and pad holding skills.


Take the opportunity to train one on one with some of Australia's most experienced  trainers Darren Reece - 72 fights, Chris "TIGER" White - 75 fights, Dan Skinner - 15 years experience and Barrie Oliver - current WA and AUST champion 25+ fights. You will set and work towards achieving realistic goals. Sessions range from 30 mins to 45 mins.

  • you can choose to work on fitness with an intense cardio workout using cardio machines and pad work.
  • strength and conditioning using strength exercises, weights or strength training equipment.
  • focus and improve your MuayThai or boxing skills rapidly with personal attention.

Contact Darren on 0415 122 856 to book a session.

Due to the popularity of personal training, please note that after one missed personal training session without notification, all sessions missed thereafter will incur a 50% cancellation fee



When you have learnt all the basic skills and how to hold pads, after an assessment you can progress to the advanced class. This is also the class for fighters. There is a strong focus on fitness here with plenty of pad work, bag work, sparring and grappling. There is a degree of contact in the class to enable realistic defence and offence to be practised. There is never any pressure to compete at Riddlers Gym. This is decided completely by the fighter after discussion with Darren and after appropriate steps is taken to prepare for the challenge.

Riddlers Gym under the experience of Darren Reece has established itself as one of Australias strongest fight gyms. It is the gym of 2 x WMC 57kg, WMC 59kg World Champion + 2 x Intercontinental Champion Caley Reece, WMC Intercontinental Champion Chad Walker, 3 x WA, 76kg Intercontinental Champion + 2 x WMC Australian Champion and WMC Oceania Champion Kim Olsen, WMC Australian Champion Ruan DuPlessis, IKBF South Pacific + WKN Australian Champion Kim Townsend, WKN Australian Champion Tim Morrison and WMC State Champion Beau St Quentin.


Our fitness and conditioning class will give you the ultimate body work out. With new up to date strength and conditioning exercises, this class will challenge you every step of the way.

Class is 60 minutes and will leave you feeling like you have given your body the ultimate workout!


Kids Kickboxing is a fully graded system that has coloured shirt levels to strive for but is also about having fun and using martial arts to teach

  • stranger danger
  • fire drills 
  • important life skills
  • respect and discipline
  • setting and achieving goals 
  • basic skills of kickboxing that will help your child's balance, co-ordination, and strength.

This is for 4 - 8 year olds but can vary depending on the child.

Kids Kickboxing 9 - 13 years is also about teaching respect, discipline, and important life skills.  There is more emphasis on the skills of Muay Thai Kickboxing that will develop their co-ordination, strength and fitness making them more confident.



OPEN GYM (cardio, bag work, strength work)

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